The sentence about me begins like from everybody else, loving this and loving that. But to be honest I really felt in love to be a wedding photographer.

For many years I worked as chef in the kitchen and I prepared the wedding menu for many, many times, and to cook creative food is a wonderful thing, but believe me: after the years no one knows anymore what the dinner was. The People remember only if it was special or awful.
With Photos it is another thing, they are memories for the whole life…..

So for me it was a pleasure to change the position from kitchen to the guests side.

I prefer to make a picture story from the whole day, not just the classical one. From the „Getting Ready“ until the „Wedding Dance“ in the evening. So the most important thing for me is that you feel confident and well with me on your wedding day.
If the atmosphere between the couple and the photographer is like this, it is the best recipe for my best pictures i will make for you.
If you want to have two photographers on your wedding, it is not a problem for me to organize. I will make your story with my long-years-photograph partner Andrea.

So don’t hesitate to write me an email, to get more information about me and my idea of creating wedding pictures.